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Photo courtesy of Gorka Larralde del Solar

Amaya Perez Cruz

Research Assistant / Manager
Auditory Neuroethology Laboratory
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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Contact Information

Degrees, Positions

Interests and Current Research

My main area of interest is signal processing. I am particularly interested in the applications of signal processing in the World of Biosignals.

When bats navigate their environment and forage for food they usually fly in groups of numerous members. How does a given bat distinguish the echoes returned from its calls from those echoes coming from calls emitted by other bats? How critical is this discrimination? Does each individual bat change its calls in a way that it's unique? What properties of sound are bats able to manipulate and control in order to create a signature call? Does any of this depend on social structure? In order to try and answer some of these questions we are currently working on a project we call "Multibat project".

Personal Interests

Animals have been my pasion since I was a little girl. Other than working with the bats I share my home with two dogs and a cat and I take some time each week to volunteer at the National Zoological Park in Washington DC (NZP) as a keeper aide and a behavior watcher. You can see some of my favorite animals in the pictures below.