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Hanging bats
Party time
    Poetry & Quotes:

    "You speak of an impossibility"; interrupted the King; "you must have seen a vision; for to detect the difference between a line and a point by the sense of sight is, as everybody knows, in the nature of things, impossible; but it can be detected by the sense of hearing, and by the same means my shape can be exactly ascertained".

    The king of lineland to A. Square
    From Flatland by A. Square (E.Abbott)

    I can hear the brittle beetle and the muffled moth-wings beat
    I have but to click and listen to the echoes that I make and
    I hear the waters glisten on the surface of the lake

    Lewin (1978)
    From a quote in a chapter by David N. Lee

    Echo Chasers

    The acoustics in the hall were dead to rights
    but all wrong. Sound bounced off walls, shot up
    rafters, fell like the thud of the dread velvet curtain.

    A bat boomeranged pulsating streams
    of sound. There is information in an echo:
    what did it know and when did it know it.

    To locate the range of prey, eyes and ears
    conspire. Even a fetus will dodge an ultrasound
    as it penetrates the blooming silence.

    The city’s single blind man stands on a corner
    clucking his tongue. Marco? Polo! Friend or foe?
    The answer lies as ever in delay.

    by Cheryl Snell Krishnaprasad

    Pictures from the parties

    Our glorious general and some of her troops
    (object in Cindy's hands is a bat detector !)
    Annemarie listening intently
    (Christina's profile to the left)
    Timmer, thinking about chips... Cindy & Shihab plotting together...
    Rose Harry, doing whatever he does at home..
    (L to R) Kaushik, Shiva, Aaron, Murat pausing a fight
    to smile for the camera...
    Murat,Hannah,Shiva,Jeff & Shannon talking about bats,
    birds and what they eat...
    Kisi and Annemarie Kisi, Annearie and Peter
    Neuroethology symposium Discussion
    Party and study Kaushik, Shiva, Cindy, Murat
    Peter Kaushik and Michaela 's wedding celebration
    Wedding cake Bat collection
    Bat collection
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